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Custom Songs

Tailor-made music to fit your dreams! Get your perfect song for the perfect occasion!


Here are some free-to-listen song examples for you to get an idea of Dani´s songwriting skills, as well as of how his vocals sound in different music styles. If you are an artist and want to perform any part of your custom song yourself, you will, of course, get an additional track ready for that purpose. All of the following songs were written, performed and produced by Dani personally, as are all ordered custom songs. They should give you an idea of the average quality you will get if you decide to order one. Dani Oliveira´s production autonomy has several benefits for the customer:

- Details to a song can be modified faster and easier.


- Songs will be recorded, mixed and mastered with the same effort and passion that Dani puts into his writing and performing them.


- Keeping production costs at a minimum will reflect positively on the price of your custom song.


-The final product will match the inicial idea.  

If you are interested in ordering your very own custom song, please contact us for detailed Information.

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