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Dani Oliveira is one of the wonderfully creative minds of a growing new generation of independent musicians. Gifted with a deep, warm, yet versatile voice and an exceptional talent for songwriting, he is truely capable of taking you on a trip unlike no other. From dreamy and romantic to sober and down to earth, from bright and vivid to somber and mysterious, the soundscapes he creates will touch your heart and soul with their beauty and authenticity.



"I can´t really remember if i chose music, or if music chose me". Dani started singing as as a toddler and from then on never stopped. He grew up in Germany and joined the`Augsburger Domsingknaben´ (an internationally famous choir) at the early age of 7, where he attended singing and piano lessons till the age of 12. At this point he moved to Portugal and continued his music studies at the `Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatory´ in Braga, focusing more on the guitar and music theory. Three years later he joined his first band, with which he started playing his first gigs and writing songs more seriously. Dani Oliveira has been polishing his singing and songwriting skills since then. He has been performing as a solo artist, as well as with several bands on stage. His experience extends to performances on weddings, television and more.


"A personalized musical experience is the key to people´s hearts".

Have you ever tried to find the perfect song for a specific event or occasion, or the perfect lyrics for someone you love? Even with so much music out there, it´s not easy to find a song which reflects your, or somebody´s life completely. No matter if you are looking for a very special present, some musical backround, an advertising jingle, or just a song to perform as an artist, this website may be the hidden treasure you have been looking for. If you are interested in ordering a custom song written by Dani Oliveira and finding out more about the details, send us a message and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

"Every moment happens only once in a lifetime".

We all, at least in our human form, have an invisible expiration date.

Therefore, enjoying oneself and treasuring the good times is very important and there are very few thing as valuable as our happy memories. If you´re planning for a special occasion and want to make it truely unforgettable, consider hiring the right musician. Dani Oliveira´s solo act will give your celebrations the special acoustic warmth and charm they deserve. Contact us for more on booking, pricing and special requests.      


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